In a post-industrial society, soft refinements and investments are dramatically increasing as 'overhead costs' in businesses. If you shine some light on those costs, you can start doing something about it.

We offer transparency, which enables increased competiveness and profitability.

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Already decades ago alerts were clear a paradigm shift was underway, from industrial production to a customer and services perspective, where 'soft' refinements and investments -  such as IT, process development, human resources, creativity, marketing and sales - are much larger parts of a product or service than 'hard' components like material, production, delivery or workshop salaries.

This shift requires a fresh take on how we manage and control our businesses. But in spite of this, financial and IT communities have continued to act on the basis of the industrial T-Ford perspective.

This has resulted in tremendous bureaucracy and exploding overhead costs, instead of efficient activity based process orientation in a post-industrial thinking, leaving promising initiatives, such as Lean, in difficulties addressing businesses as a whole.


  • Help businesses escape from the heavy restrictions and bureaucracy that financial and IT communities have established on businesses
  • Present a Post-Industrial Accounting Model (PIAM) - in full harmony with established standards as GAAP  - that helps businesses to measure both hard and soft refinements and investments
  • Through a Post-Industrial Management Model (PIMM) help companies control and manage their business, enabling increased  competitiveness and profitability

25 years ago, the cost of IT and soft refinement was microscopic. Today, the situation is the reverese. The cost of for example screws & nuts in product calculations is in many cases minor relative soft refinement and IT.

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Business is about the process of processing products & services which generates more money from customers than you have to pay for the resources they consume. But what if productivity is blurred by a fog, with no or little transparency?

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