The expertscenario initiative is a management consulting company with the origin of theories presented in the booksThe Hidden Treasure Chest and The New Business Information - proven in reality for more than 30 years.

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The expertscenario initiative is based on the theories presented in the university literature The hidden treasure chest (Bergstrand et al, 1993) and The New Business Information (Bergstrand et al, 1995).

When The hidden treasure chest and The new business information was written, computerization was only in its infancy. Yet it was very clear that the traditional economic control instruments began to encounter problems with increased demands in product cost calculations.

Implications that were a clear signal of a growing proportion, against product and customer, non-measurable work behind the desks in companies. A growing fog covering overhead cost within which unproductive bureaucracy can grow and which in the long run risks triggering a serious economic crisis in companies.

Quote from The Hidden Treasure Chest:

"The orienteer runs according to the compass bearing. Consequently, if the compass shows errors, the orienteer gets into trouble. The income statement and product cost calculation are the compass of a business. A compass that was once developed to guide us to the geography of the industrial society. A compass we argue gives more and more misspellings, the more elements we received from the soft terrain of the information society".



Bert-Olov Bergstrand

Bert-Olov has many years of experience from senior positions in the industry and as a customer and vendor of IT systems.

His main focus is on business development in private and public businesses.

Bert-Olov is an author of University literature. The books The Hidden Treasure Chests (1993) and The New Business Information (1995) highlighted the probability of growing soft refinement and its models.

The Hidden Treasure Chest has the signature of The Swedish Association of Graduates in Business Administration and Economics.

He has also been Assistant Associate Professor at Lund University in Sweden.


Stefan Johansson

Stefan is a serial entrepreneur, running several businesses, mainly in the IT and digital services sector.

Stefan's speciality is change management, strategy within sales & marketing, where he act as management consultant, key perfomance indicator developer, process & organizational design and architecture.

Stefan's  vast experience within sales & marketing stretches over more than 25 years.