Accelerators for your move into a post-industrial society.

Executives in many companies have long been flapping in their business solutions with different Excel solutions. Our apps add additional powerful opportunities to get an efficient and easy workflow linked to your business solutions without having to invest in comprehensive customization. The apps enable your quick way to show the power of managing and controlling your post-industrial business, through our Product Cost Compass.

However, the transition from an industrial society to a post-industrial is not just about programming a variety of apps. Instead, it's a comprehensive change of your business in its entirety, where these apps are powerful accelerators. More than ever, it is crucial that your company and its needs are in the driver's seat, not competencies based on how existing business systems work.

Take advantage of the simplicity of letting us deliver apps to progressively evolve in symbiosis with the improvement of your business and processes. We offer you the option of either purchasing our apps, yourself taking care of continuous improvements or letting us assist you in this process.

Don't let it stop you, if you will find fields or concepts that doesn't fit perfectly into your current world, believing that it would cost a fortune in customizations. It is in the nature that our apps are really easy to redesign based on your specific needs, since they're built upon the Microsoft Powerapp technology.  Instead, the important thing is not try to develop the perfect app already from the start, but to get started and test your common beliefs and perceptions. Thinking this way, you start a valuable learning process that you can successfully realize in more precise apps further on by integrating with your existing business solutions to automate processes with your own data.
Behind the expertscenario initiative, we are professional business developers and economists. Contact us to show you how to get an efficient and fair distribution of your soft costs and investments within GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Apps will be available on department, company and value chain levels. The list of available apps will expand over time to cover different departments, company industries and value chains.

Apps are built on the Powerapps technology from Microsoft.


For your sales department

Sales Plan Costs

In this app you will get a clear picture of your true costs for achieving your sales plan. Fill in some basic data, start simulate and get instant insights how to improve your business.

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New or changed IT solutions? Always be a customer as critical. All new or changed IT solutions hopefully add business value, but there is also a cost and a risk of increased IT complexity. Everything is not 'milk and honey' as some suppliers of IT solutions too often make their offers as. Contact us to further discuss pros and cons using modern IT technology in your business.