Tools and services you can use to transform your business from an industrial perspective to a post-industrial optimized business.

The purpose of the expertscenario initiative is to force a paradigm shift in accounting as well as in how we manage and control our businesses, to finally happen, advising requirements based on a post-industrial Lean perspective.

This can't be done without you. If you believe in our ideas, models and tools, it's your responsibility to make this shift to happen in your business. And it's our responsibility to educate you.

You may also start with our apps, based on Power BI. The apps are intended to be used together with your colleagues to fit your own business. Or, you may reach out to us to help - you know, we're just a click or call away!

Your reward is astronomical and is measured in Customer Satisfaction, Precision, Speed, Agility, Change, Profitability, Quality and Human Power.

But frankly, we hope it's not too late for you. This knowledge is fresh, but not new. Besides our books that were published in the 90s, the ideas and models are supported by great minds as Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Alvin Toffler, Tom Peters, to mention a few.

Ideas that are more than current even today.

Book a free webinar

We care about your tight schedule. A webinar brings you a quick overview of how a Customer Driven Product Cost Compass may connect to your specific business and what benefits you may anticipate.

The webinar is of course confidential and on a completely unconditional basis. It's performed using Skype for Business and takes about one hour. When typing in your e-mail we connect to schedule date and time.

Book a free webinar

Business scan & consulting services

A Business Scan is a proven way to get deep understanding of your real challenges and how to approach them in a post-industrial world, in only a few hours. The Scan involves up to three very experienced business developers at the same time.

The Scan is offered to a fixed price fee.

We also offer consulting services on a Time & Materials basis, as well as through partners.

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Key-note at your event

There are moments when you want to set the agenda for a new era. It could be a management event, when change is on focus and it's more than important that your team shares the same perspective of challenges and the vision ahead.

A key-note presentation by us always opens up bright minds even more.

Let's talk, contact me!

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